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Countless applications have benefited from our approach to solving scale, bio, corrosion and filtration problems. By eliminating or greatly reducing chemical use and antiquated methods our clients save money and reduce their environmental impact. Our clients have also realized further savings by eliminating fees or fines for disposal.

Our client list is as vast as our applications. We have worked with Universities, hospitals, municipalities, recreational facilities, property managers, oil & gas, Co-Gen plants, agriculture, aquaculture, dairy, food processing, beverage industry, steel mills and many other.

Scale & Biofilm

FLOW-TECH transmits a signal throughout the system charging the ions causing them to form microscopic clusters that will not adhere to surfaces. The technology slowly dissolves existing lime scale improving equipment efficiency as well as protecting it. Bicarbonate scale is the only scale that can be dissolved

Biofilm or Sessile bacteria is a colony that has formed on a surface. The colony is difficult to kill with chemicals and will continue to propagate dispersing bacteria to form new colonies.

FLOW-TECH disrupts Sessile bacteria growth. Dramatic reduction has been shown on an AHRAE Test done by the University of Pittsburgh.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Special Pathogens Laboratory

Pittsburgh, PA

Corrosion & Scale Control

Powered Anodes and electronic water conditioning technology provides constant, consistent, protection without the need for chemicals, water softeners, anodes and tank lining replacement. Proven technology used for decades provides a better solution for protecting equipment.


ECOsmarte provides solutions for sanitizing water by producing radical oxygen (hydroxls, hydrogen peroxide, atomic oxygen and oxygen) which is natures sanitizer. The addition of a small amount of ionic copper (ppb) provides a solution for killing bacteria, biofilm, mold, viruses, fungus and algae. The solid state technology provides a solution for many applications to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for chemicals.

Glasspack Filtration

Glass Pack media is made from 100% recycled glass that is crushed, baked at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and screened to provide consistent size. The media is sterile, lighter, longer lasting and requires less backwashing time. The media provides filtration down to 3-4 micron. Glass particles have a slight negative charge which aids in attracting positive charges fine particles which is easily dislodged during backwashing.